Thursday, 6 December 2012

Aaarh... My first posting on my very first blog!
I feel very exposed for some reason... Like I'm walking around the nuts aisle at the supermarket with EVERYONE staring at me, not realising that I totally forgot to put clothes on before leaving the house!

So this is where you'll find me on my journey of self discovery of sorts...
I'm a huge believer in trying to do something awesome everyday for the rest of time and for me it's going to start with my passion for Photography, Illustration and Design. I've been flying around the commercial designers world for a very long time and although I'm not totally going to give this up, I'm ready to take a chance and share my secrete world of graphite, ink, sandpaper and shutter speeds.

So... "POP"... "CLINK"... Here's to Happy Days and

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