Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm gonna give it AWAY!!!

So around Christmas I posted happy awesomeness to everyone via Facebook and mentioned that I would have a giveaway type thing soon!!! Well the time is very near!!! I've been in sketch mode on and off and have come up with a piece that I'm really excited about.... This is how it's going to work... I'm going to post step by step progress shots of the Illustration that's up for grabs on Facebook... All YOU have to do is "SHARE" at least one of the shots and "LIKE" my PAGE (not just the pic)... I'm going to make a limited edition print of 25 ONLY... The winner will receive a signed print 1/25... My first EVER print… My first EVER giveaway!
Here's the rough sketch of the idea I have... Come and follow my progress on Facebook!
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