Thursday, 27 December 2012

HAPPY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! Yeah, yeah I know few days too late... BUT I've been too busy having a ripper of a time with the Hubby and lil' Sprogs to get onto the computer... Hope everyone out in Bloggerland have had an awesome few days... We've been kickin back with Bubbles, BBQ's, Hammocks, Swimming and Trampolines... Woo! lovin it... Been workin on a new pic too... This one's illustration only (I think... haven't got a photo in mind yet)... Well... Keep Safe, Be Merry and have a kick ass Holiday... And thanks so so so much for the fab feedback, support and all round awesomeness you've all shown for Free Bird... Thinkin of having a give away type thing soon via Free Bird's facebook page....
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 ps sorry about the not so awesome pic...

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