Sunday, 30 December 2012

I believe I can fly

Yay!!! Finished my Giant Weta pic! what an AWESOME way to finish up 2012!!!
She's been a hum-dinger of a year...
Got a crazy amount to be grateful for...
Beautiful, healthy, flippin crazy cool children... Amazing, semi-supportive-he-has-his-moments Hubby... Haha which reminds me of a movie we watched the other night...
Ever seen Wanderlust!!! If not, you should... Gosh super funny. We had a few laughs at Jenifer Anistons character...  and not because my body is "Redonkulious" cause after having two lil bubs it REALLY isn't.
Nope, she's a dreamer like me... Don't worry Linda... I believe I can fly too!
I'm also stoked to have brilliant super sized family and a perfect amount of great friends, old and new...
I'm not greedy, I don't need 1000 facebook "friends"... the way I figure it, if I saw them in the supermarket and didn't hide behind the stacked boxes of vino trying to plan a stealthy escape then they must be friends right?
Anyway... Cheers to a fab 2013... Hope it's kick ass crazy for everyone... I'm wishing and working on BIG things this year... She's gonna be GREAT!!!
Sorry about the bad photo... I haven't got a big enough scanner for this one.

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