Thursday, 3 January 2013

First illustration of 2013!!! This is totally of the radar of what I wanted to create for my first pic... I was thinking butterflies or moths in beautiful flowers bla-de-bla... instead I got a Tunnel-Web Spider creeping over a naked body!!!.... Hummm... you know, thinking about it, maybe I'm just not a butterflies and flowers girl?... this spider does remind me of the pet one I had living in my room when I was younger... Scared the bejeebers out of my Mum.... Sorry Ma x
Well I hope that everyone had their kick ass New Year!
I'm not going to tell you about ours because I don't think falling asleep by 8 watching Tinkerbell with Miss 4 is the rock'n'roll image I was imagining...
Oh how times have changed!!!
Happy Days World

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